Hey, are you participating in CS NY party in Kyiv. Studio 54 / Celebritry party!? Yes, I'm in!


Welcome again😇, to our special annual event in beautiful city of Kyiv.🎆
Between the past and the next year we will be in an incredible🎊 atmosphere of world celebrities, where the main actors and celebrities are we👨‍🎤!
Party mood by the best DJ🎧, live music and Oscar award will be a part of our entertainment💫. Amazing place in the center of Ukraines capital will make our New Years party unforgetable!🎉
Keep updated, more info very soon...
Party is coming! 🍾
P.S. This event is unprofitable. All the money will go to the party or afterparty.

Join also CS event: https://www.couchsurfing.com/events/cs-ny-party-in-kyiv-studio-54-celebritry-party

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