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Camp Info


  • You cannot store your personal drinks in the fridge. Also, please keep in mind that the space for storing food is limited.


Stay tuned - Official WhatsApp-Group:


International Night: Please bring food & beverages from your home country to share with all of us :)

Some more Information up front:

  • ARRIVAL: Check this out -> How to get there?
  • BAR: More information about our Cocktail-bar will follow soon
  • BEER/DRINKS: You can buy beer, wine, water & other stuff (-> beer master).
  • BEER MASTER: Most important person. Will give you access to beer, fridge stuff and other refreshments. Whistle: Hurry up! The beer master is gonna open up the beer trailer. So you can buy stuff or get access to your stuff in the “fridge”.
  • BREAKFAST: There will be food & stuff for breakfast. Self-service. And please try to help us, cleaning up.
  • CRAFT BERR: More information about our craft beer bar will follow soon.
  • DEPOSIT: Plastic bottles & cans with the “deposit”-symbol can be put in the box next to the restrooms. Or you’ll bring it back to the store.
  • DIY WORKSHOP: Fix your stuff with Zaubi’s help (-> Wohnzimmer)
  • FACILITIES on camp site – see CampMap
  • FIRST AID: You gonna die. Seriously. Or you’ll find somebody who will help you. Wohnzimmer a.k.a. DIY-workshop might be the spot you’ll get some help.
  • FRIDGE: You can put your stuff (food) in “the fridge” a.k.a. beer trailer. Please put your stuff together nicely. And don’t forget your number (shelf; -> beer master). Space will be limited t! Use MRSC's service and let us take care of drinks: beer, water, wine, soft-drinks will be (chilled) available for a very reasonable price :)
  • ELECTRICITY: There will be limited access to electricity (hut only). During times of high demand (breakfast: coffee maker) we might ask you to refrain from using electric power. Everything will work out :)
  • FIRE/BBQ-Grill: Be responsible! There are some fire extinguishers in the hut.
  • INFORMATION: Stop by and check out the information board (hut). So you won’t miss any updated info.
  • INTERNATIONAL NIGHT: Share food, drinks & customs from your country with all the MRCS'ers
  • NAN: No-Amp-Night - A night to gather around the bonfire. Bring your Instruments - Talk to peaple - Enjoy :)
  • TRASH: Please pick up your trash & act responsible! Trash bags will be provided.
  • RESTROOMS: Available on location. Please keep them clean and help to clean them. Thanks!
  • RV's: On MRSC's site are no special facilities/ hook-ups for RV's (camper vans) available. We recommend to contact organizers for specific questions.
  • SAUNA: It's pretty hot :) Be responsible! (thu-sun)
  • SHOWERS: Find Inga. She’ll provide you the key for the showers (shower container, 500m to the airfield, 2€) - no-soap-shower next to sauna (no exceptions)
  • TICKETS: Let us plan ahead & become part of MRSC - Grab your ticket here. Early Bird Tickets before 4th of June.
  • TICKS: Ask - We’ll provide you some tick-removal-cards.
  • WOHNZIMMER (LIVING ROOM): The place to go / Workshop DIY
  • WORKSHOPS: Arranage workshops & share your experiences, knowledge, skills!