Stuff get's broken, stuff get's fixed! 

The idea of a repair cafe is to help people fix their stuff. If you have a broken Headphone, Light, Lamp, Hammer, Tire, Bike, Car etc - this is your workshop! Bring your broken gadget, tool or item - and together with other workshop participants we might bring it back to life!

(Last years fixed items: Bohrmaschine (drill), headphone, locked-in car-keys (without damage to the car!), kerosin torch and some more things I forgot)

If you have some special tools, you can bring them along and share your wisdom of using these tools, too. Let us know on the "discuss" page.

The Repair Cafe is open whenever someone is at the "Wohnzimmer" / "Living Room" - just come by and we will find a way to fix it! 

If you want to bring something from home and wonder, if we could fix it - go ahead. If you let us know in advance, we might bring some extra tools or reach out for them --> "discuss" page